Monday, September 26, 2011

Baby Safety at Home

Having a baby in the home can be an exciting and joyous time in life.  However, as your baby grows and develops, household safety becomes more important.  As your little one becomes more mobile, there are some important steps you can take and consider for “baby proofing” your home.

First, if there are stairs in your home, they can be very enticing for your baby to explore.  Baby gates at the top of the staircase, or in open doorways, are a good measure to take in order to prevent accidental falls and tumbles down the steps.  Before investing, be sure to research the safety of the baby gate you wish to purchase as certain gates have been recalled due to hazards and some are made specifically for the bottom and/or top of stairs.  Read the labels on the packaging for specific information concerning placement and installation.

Cabinets and chemicals are other safety issues that arise when your bundle of joy starts getting around.  Prevention of your child getting into cabinets and drawers and getting hold of harmful items or chemicals, such as household cleaners, can be achieved by using cabinet locks. But remember, the best way to keep baby from these items is by placing them in a high place that is unreachable for your child.

Next, make sure that tables and countertops are free from long-hanging tablecloths and items like towels that hang over the edges.  The reason for this is because babies are constantly reaching and grasping at every object in sight, and grabbing and pulling these items could cause your baby to have something fall onto him or her causing serious injury.

Finally, let’s not forget about those electrical outlets! Your baby’s curiosity when it comes these items can be extremely dangerous. Prevent electrocution or serious shocks simply by placing electrical outlet covers throughout the entire home.

These are just a few common tips to ensure your baby’s safety in the home.  There are many products and devices out there that can help with the “baby proofing”.  Be sure to regularly talk about home safety with your baby’s pediatrician and keep your little explorer out of harm’s way!


  1. this is why we should have a dog in our house :)). he will be a best friend and he can play with your baby all day and keep him safe, too!!!

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  3. I've read your artilce, and i agree with you. We need keep the baby safe at home. The baby who don't know what is right or wrong that they can do some bad action for their health.

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