Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Operation Medicine Drop- What's in YOUR medicine cabinet?

Has your medicine cabinet become full of many unused or unwanted medicines?  Are some medicines partially used and no longer needed, or even expired?  Do you have pet medicines?

Now is the time to clean out your medicine cabinet and safely dispose of those unwanted and unused medicines.  The week of March 17-23 is National Poison Prevention Week.  It's also the week of NC Safe Kids' Operation Medicine Drop Events throughout North Carolina.  Operation Medicine Drop is a partnership of Safe Kids North Carolina, the Riverkeepers of North Carolina, NC State Bureau of Investigation, Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of North Carolina and local law enforcement agencies working together to encourage the public to safely dispose of unused and unwanted medication. By providing safe and secure ways for people to get rid of unwanted prescription and over-the-counter medications, Operation Medicine Drop helps prevent accidental poisonings and drug abuse while protecting our waters.

The process is simple.  Bring your unused, unwanted, or expired medicines to one of the OMD event locations.  Be sure to bring the medicines in their original bottle, box, or tube.  You MAY mark through your name and address on the label, but not necessary.  No sharps or needles will be accepted.

Guilford County has the following events scheduled:

Friday, March 15- 1pm-5:30pm
McLeansville Lions Club, 1124 Mt. Hope Church Rd., McLeansville
Saturday, March 23
McLarty Drug- 819 N. Main St., High Point.  9am-1pm

Burton Pharmacy- 120 E. Lindsay St., Greensboro.  10am-2pm
Greensboro- Walgreens locations:
300 E. Cornwallis Dr.  10am-2pm
3529 N. Elm St.  10am-2pm
3701 High Point Rd.  10am-2pm

To find a location near you, please visit: https://apps.ncdoi.net/f?p=102:4:13518801524119::NO::: or http://www.facebook.com/FlipTheScriptRx


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