Monday, March 23, 2015

Parents Taking Traveling Risks--Are You One of Them?

Most parents want what's best for their kids, however, research shows they may take shortcuts when it comes to traveling. A survey from Safe Kids Worldwide shows that a significant number of parents do not buckle up their child for these reasons: when they are not going far, when they are in a rush, or when traveling overnight.

It is simply a life or death situation when choosing to travel with your child unrestrained. Car crashes are the leading cause of death for children. This isn't a controversial decision. Buckle up every ride, every time. Your child's life depends on it.

To find out if you are using your car seat correctly, make an appointment with a local technician. Visit to find a list of child passenger safety technicians near you. Safe Kids Worldwide has a variety of tips, videos and infographics to answer your car seat questions.


  1. It's hard to imagine that you'll ever be this worried about a tiny little person isn't it. That's why I make sure to remind my car finance customers to make sure their kids are secure in the car whenever I know they have a family.

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  2. I completely support your point of view. This is what actually happening. Parents are pretending like they are the most caring parents ever but they are not careful at all while going on trips with their kids. The graphical data representation is totally correct, most child deaths are happening these days due to accidents and carelessness of the parents. All parents need to take care of these things. Check out more safety details with the specialist at Jaguar Service Ballantyne, NC.

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  4. No parents, really, wish to leave the life of his/her children in danger without being buckled them up. As per the survey and I also agree that all it happens, when they are in absolute hurry or they think that the journey is too short for which this safety measure is of no meaning. Life is so precious, so there is not a little space for carelessness. It is wiser to be buckled up every time and every ride. All should cautious on car seats and if needed, take appointment with a good technician. The safety measures and precautions are to be followed properly to avoid any unwanted incident.
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